«Red Stage»

Type: museum and community center in the existing theater

Location: Fulong village, Shipai town, Dongguan City, China
Area: 1750 m2
Year: 2022

“Red Stage” is a project of a new museum and community center inside the existing desolated theater building in Fulong village. It preserves the original building but offers new functions and possibilities for the local community and tourists.

The original theater building was erected in the 20th century and then abandoned. Now the theater is in a deplorable state. The new project is designed with attention to existing architecture and offers a gentle intervention of new functions and scenarios. Existing structures are being restored and new spaces are organized within the building. The scene space is preserved. It will be used for theatrical performances, lectures, public performances, and concerts. The back wall functions as a cinema screen.

The central part of the first floor becomes a mixed-use space. It is transformable and flexible. This area is a stage for fashion shows, poetry readings, and performances. During fashion shows, spectators are seated on benches on both sides of the podium. These benches form a sort of amphitheater. In everyday life, the amphitheater serves as a lounge and a place for communication. Benches are movable. The vacated space can be used to organize a temporary exhibition, some festival, gathering, concert, party, etc.

At the main entrance, there is a reception area and a cloakroom. Nearby, a group of sofas forms a lounge area for relaxation and communication. On the ground floor, there is also a cafe, a library with different zones for reading books and working, and a museum shop with books, albums, catalogs, and various souvenirs. Part of the ground floor is occupied by exhibition spaces, showing the culture of ShiPai, the history, and the heritage of Fulong, Puxin, and Tangwei villages. The exposition consists of archaeological artifacts, copies of artifacts, photographs, models, documents, digital screens, and an interactive exhibit.

On the second floor, an auditorium with chairs is preserved. Here spectators are accommodated during performances and film screenings. From the balconies, spectators can watch fashion shows and other events on the central space of the first floor.

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