Zilant station of the Kazan metro

Type: metro station

Location: Kazan, Russia
Area: 2600 m2
Year: 2022

The project of ground entrance pavilions and interiors of all public areas for the metro station named Zilant of the second line of the Kazan Metro. The station is named after the mythological snake Zilant, which is the symbol of Kazan and is depicted on the coat of arms of the city.

Zilant is a legendary creature, a winged snake, and the official symbol of Kazan city. According to one version of the tatar legend, the serpent king Zilant lost the battle for the hill, on which the Kazan Kremlin now rises. The serpent escaped and took refuge on another hill, founding its lair in a cave, and to this day lives there.

The concept of the station refers to this myth. This station is a journey through the underground world – the kingdom of Zilant, and a reminder of the ancient snake. Ground pavilions are transparent and permeable. The image of the pavilion is determined by the form of the metal ceiling. Which associatively plays with the curves of the serpentine body. From certain angles, red accents and eye-catching reflections of the pavilion’s colored floor appear on the curves of the ceiling.

Going down below, we find ourselves in an underground passage, the walls of which are strewn with various lamps – «gems», from where you can go through the doors to the next space – to the hall and ticket offices. It is a spacious «cave» with a crystal-like or mica-like translucent ceiling, from which light falls, filling the space. After descending through the green portal, we find ourselves on the station platform. From above, crystal lamps descend from the metal ceiling. On the sides of the walls, we see colossal metal scales, which remind us of the greatness of Zilant.

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