«Treasure box»

Type: waste collection point

Location: Arkhangelsk, Russia
Area: 33 m2
Year: 2021

This project aims to create a positive and attractive image for the collection point for household wastes, harmoniously inscribed in the aesthetic context of northern cities.

The waste collection point is part of the architectural, urban environment. It is the same element of the surrounding space as houses, courtyards, playgrounds, and offices with which people interact daily. People’s surroundings must have the proper aesthetic qualities, and the waste collection point is no exception.

The architectural image is based on the following metaphor: wastes are not “something unnecessary” but a resource. A matter that, through processing, will take on a different form and be useful again. So, the image for the waste collection point is a treasure box that stores something valuable. This structure is a prefab modular metal frame, covered with polycarbonate sheets. Different waste bins are placed inside this structure and thus are protected from the weather.

Axonometric view:
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