«The House with Pendants»

Type: guest house

Location: Village of Dobrava, Slovenia
Area: 50 m2
Year: 2021

«The House with Pendants» is a one-story rammed earth house designed to accommodate a couple of people. It is located in a forest clearing, not far from the farm.

This house incorporates passive design strategies. Water collection is the metaphorical theme of this project. The single-sloped roof ends with a curved rim. This dove-tailed-looking rim separates the water stream into halves. Thus rainwater is conveyed into a couple of metal funnels. These sculptural forms are hanging from the roof. Through them, water falls onto a bowls with water reservoirs underneath. Such a sequence poeticizes the process of drainage and water collection and creates an opportunity for contemplation of this process.

A roof slope with its kind of gutter hangs over the entrance and diverges from the center. Together with pendants on either side of the roof end, it forms the symmetrical composition of the northern facade.

The high-rise central window on the south facade illuminates the interior with falling light but maintains privacy. The bedroom, dining room, and living room are oriented to the south elevation and have windows on the east and west facades. The bedroom area is raised and located on the podium. The space underneath is used for storing firewood. The central window opposite the entrance and one above the bed are raised relative to the others. This irregular distribution of windows throughout the building creates a certain rhythm.

The foundation of this house is a concrete slab. The walls are of rammed earth with an effective insulation core. The Lintels are of concrete. Wooden rafters bear the roof. Corrugated galvanized metal sheets cover it. Each pendant is assembled from three patterns of flat metal sheets.

Site plan:
Axonometric view:
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