«Temporary Village» camping

Type: camping and public spaces in the city park

Location: Nanjing, China
Area: 6900 m2
Year: 2022

The «Temporary Village» is a micro-settlement located in Jiulong Lake Park. The project consists of campsites and light structures, that accommodate public functions and public spaces.

The compositional center concentrated around the symbolic village square. Various public spaces surround it. The main structure acts as a village hall. It serves as a cafe and a meeting place for all the inhabitants of the “village” when any events happen in the square. There is a playground next to it. So, parents sitting in a cafe can watch their children play. The open-air cinema, the small yard with swings for adults and children, and the observation tower are nearby. The observation tower is 7.5 meters high and offers views of the lake and the park’s landscapes. The open-air kitchen is a separate structure. It also performs catering functions. The reception and administration are in a building not far from the paved road. Equipment rental and a small warehouse are in the same building. A table tennis area, a volleyball court, a couple of modules that combine showers and restrooms, and areas for various tents are dispersed around the territory.

There are 32 sites for tents in total. Areas, where tents are not set up at a particular moment, can be used for yoga exercises and other activities. The architecture is based on 2.5 x 5-meter prefab easily transportable modules. Large structures are assembled from several prefab modules, on which tents are then installed. The main materials are timber frames, waterproof plywood, and tents.

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