Sunbed «City rooftops»

Type: street furniture, wooden structure

Location: Tauride Garden, St. Petersburg, Russia
Area: 30 m2
Year: 2015

This object is a wooden structure, a spatial lounger, and a bench for visitors to the Tauride Garden.

This object is located in St. Petersburg, in the Tauride Garden, which is a popular vacation spot for city residents. The park is not equipped with street furniture and small architectural forms. People who come here to sunbathe are forced to use the lawns for this purpose. This wooden sunbed solves this problem.

It is subordinated to the park space, embodying nature, and is oriented towards it. The image of the structure is inspired by city roofs. Roofs, as a symbol of a city, placed in a park space, create inclined planes – a comfortable place for relaxation, contemplation of the park, and reflection.

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