«Spotting scope house»

Type: affordable private house

Location: various / serial production
Area: 130 m2
Year: 2021

«Spotting scope house» is a project of a serial wooden house, which would be concise, industrial, and meet the requirements of the state program for affordable housing.

This house is a timber frame structure. The principle of open and closed areas is defining the architecture. The beam frame is manufactured industrially and is a house kit. Panels are installed in the gaps in the structure. It is a prefab timber frame filled with basalt insulation.

The house is two-story, designed for the permanent residence of a family of three or four people. Occasionally, the span between the timber frame is filled with glazing. So the rhythm and morphology of the wooden structure are revealed in the interior and exterior. The windows are arranged specially. When moving around the house, and entering different rooms and premises, we always have natural light and a view of the surrounding landscapes. The shared bright space of the living room and the kitchen-dining room is the heart of the house and the key space of the ground floor.

Axonometric view:
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