Recording studio

Type: recording studio, redevelopment

Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 330 m2
Year: 2019

Redevelopment of an industrial one-story building on the territory of the former «Compressor» factory into a modern recording studio.

The recording studio is located in a one-story metal industrial building built in the 60s. The new façade is covered with perforated metal panels, which are mounted on top of corrugated sheet metal. The pattern of each panel is unique, and generated by an algorithm. The shaded waves of the corrugated sheet are visible through the perforated holes. The rhythm of the pattern expresses the rhythmic nature of the processes occurring inside the recording studio.
The recording studio is designed to allow three creative processes to take place simultaneously without interfering with each other. Various acoustic, arrangement, and technical rooms are connected by a corridor. Its interior design is calm and neutral, like all working and transit spaces of the studio – this is due to psychoacoustics. The corridor is illuminated through a strip window that runs along its entire length, and the outside is covered with perforated metal, just like the entire facade. Light enters the interior through oddly shaped openings, creating a trail of sunspots on the floor of the corridor. If the wind shakes the metal sheets, then light spots on the floor begin to move. Such vibrations are a visual allusion to the nature of sound.

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