Pavilion at Plaza Escuelas Trevijano

Type: festival pavilion

Location: Logroño, Spain
Area: 36 m2
Year: 2021

It is a temporary pavilion in the town square in Logroño, designed to engage and entertain visitors of an architectural festival.

This pavilion is a labyrinth. The theme of the pavilion is fragmentation and fragmentation of perception. Its walls are a wooden frame with plywood panels inserted in it. These plywood panels are shifted relative to each other, so gaps appear in the walls. Outside of the labyrinth, the interior of this core is only partially visible.

The vault of the blue tent covers the core of the pavilion. There is a symbolic public space under this angular blue shed. Visitors can relax, communicate with each other, and spend time together here. Its content is a ping-pong table, a two-level amphitheater bench, and plants with sweeping leaves.

From the square, the observer can only see hints of the blue tent and the people and objects inside. And hear the ball bouncing off the wooden surfaces. From inside, the observer will see only fragments of the surrounding buildings. The core of the pavilion, this symbolic public space is nested within the existing space of the town square.

Axonometric view:
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