«Knot pavilion»

Type: interactive media pavilion

Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 16 m2
Year: 2021

This pavilion is a game art object on the bank of the Golitsyn Pond in Gorky Park. It is equipped with projectors and invites park visitors to interact with it.

Mechanized projection screens are placed on three facades of the pavilion. Inside, in the “core” of the pavilion, there is a computer and three projectors that project images. Pavilion visitors can control these projectors.

This project proposes to organize a collective game and observe its progress. The visitor of the pavilion can download or select the projected image or video, as well as the lighting mode of the adjustable lights, and thus change the appearance of the pavilion and its communication content.

Inside the pavilion and on the banks of the Golitsyn pond, webcams are installed that can display images on projectors and stream them on the Internet. The stream audience can also take part in control through voting. Thus, there is a node, a knot between the digital space and the real space of the park.

Axonometric view:
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