Type: kindergarten

Location: Volgograd Obl., Russia
Area: 2050 m2
Year: 2019

Project of a kindergarten in a corporate settlement for 80 children studying in 4 groups.

The kindergarten is located in a rural area. The site stretches in one direction, and next to it stands a modern brick church.
The spaces in which children study, relax and spend most of the day: «group cells» oriented on one façade. There is a lot of sunlight inside in the first half of the day. These volumes are distinct by their form and are emphasized by color. Light lanterns of different shapes define the image and silhouette of each such space. A large window offers a view of the village and its surrounding fields, through which children can watch the horizon, the movement of clouds across the sky, and changes in weather and sunlight throughout the day. Small gardens and playgrounds are located outside, directly in front of the group cells.

Axonometric view:
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