«House behind the Wall»

Type: private house

Location: Kovrov, Vladimir Obl., Russia
Area: 250 m2
Year: 2022

“House behind the Wall” is the project of a modern one-story private residential building on a wooded site in the Vladimir region. The house and the wall that encloses the site from the roadway are integrated into a single volume.

In front of the house, a small courtyard garden is organized. The wall of the garage, which faces the street with its facade, stretches along the entire length of the house. A walkway leads from a portal in the wall to the front door. On top of this wall, a “visor” rests, which protects the path to the house from the weather. In this courtyard, ferns and small shrubs are planted on both sides of the path, and several garden lamps are installed. The deck is raised from ground level to floor level, hovering above the ferns, and the steps of the porch are located in front of the portal. Together – this is the porch and the design of the entrance group. Fog gathers in this garden in the morning and evening. Walking on that path soaring above the mist and ferns is a special emotional experience.

On the elevation, oriented to the street, secondary rooms are located. The elevation, oriented to the backyard, is symmetrical. There is a shared space of the living room, dining room, and kitchen in the center of the composition. This is the heart of the home. On one side of it is the master bedroom with an office, and on the other – the children’s and guest bedrooms. These spaces offer views of the garden and the surrounding forest.

Axonometric view:
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