Electric vehicle showroom

Type: showroom, retail

Location: Moscow, Russia
Area: 5500 m2
Year: 2021

It is the project of redevelopment of the underground parking area of the existing shopping center into a showroom and store for electric scooters, electric scooters, and electric cars.

The showroom is identified with the museum, in which all shopping areas are associated with halls. Each type of electric transport has its dedicated area. Capsules are used to demonstrate product objects. Each object acquires its own showcase space, which accentuates it. The purpose of encapsulation is to bring out the shape and silhouette of the exhibits. Lighting, the backgrounds of various colors, forms, and reflective abilities emphasize and accentuate the exposed object.

One of the goals is to get away from the feeling of being inside a parking area. Thus, the erected structures hide the existing columns inside, hiding their rhythm. Active colors, distributed in different zones, provide orientation for visitors in a space devoid of natural light.

Axonometric view:
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