Central City Square of Rahovec

Type: city square

Location: Rahovec, Kosovo
Area: 20000 m2
Year: 2020

The task is to transform the football field and its surrounding areas in the center of Rahovec into a multi-functional, multi-scenario public space.

The city of Rahovec is located at the foot of the mountains. Above the city, several springs come to the surface. The water from these springs gathers in a single stream in the city. In the northern part of Rahovec, this stream is currently hidden in a pipe. In the southern part of the city, a stream is brought to the surface, and connecting with other streams, forms a river. One of the ideas of the project is to create a reservoir that would be filled with a stream flowing through a pipe and would serve as the beginning, the “source” of the stream on the surface – so open the stream on the territory of the central square and set up a park around it.

At the entrance to the park from the main street of the city, visitors are greeted by a pavilion. It is designed for various events and activities. In different scenarios, it becomes a summer cinema, a stage for street theatrical performances, a place for master classes, public discussions, dance evenings, and tea parties.

On weekends, Rahovec hosts local farmers’ fairs. Now a small area has been allocated for this, equipped with temporary counters-stands. The project of organizing the central square involves the expansion of the farmers’ market. The trading area becomes covered and is grouped into one volume with a cafe, a playground, and a pavilion for the rental of leisure equipment.

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