Cement plant site redesign

Type: redevelopment & branding for industrial tourism

Location: Orenburg Obl., Russia
Area: various
Year: 2020

A cement plant facility in the middle of the Orenburg steppe is striving to become a recognizable tourist attraction. The goal of the concept is to reveal and strengthen its industrial tourism potential.

The plant was built next to limestone quarries, where the material for cement production is excavated. About 300 million years ago, these quarries were a coral reef. The plant itself is built from concrete, which can be considered as a recycled ancient sea. The ancient coral reef continues to exist in a new artificial form. Thus these factory buildings are a kind of reef itself. This image formed the basis of the concept.

Excursions propose for tourists a route around the factory, that tells about the cement production process from raw materials to the final product. Along this route, special pavilion stops are designed and distributed. Each pavilion is dedicated to a specific technological stage. There are 5 such stops in total. Inside the pavilions, graphics, diagrams, and scale models are exhibited, which clearly explain the essence of the processes and the design of mechanisms and units of a specific technological stage.

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